光點電影院 SPOT Cinema / 1F


The original garage and generator room of the embassy housed at least two limousines. The existence of the generator was to ensure the communication between R.O.C. and the United States would not be compromised by any likely incident of power failure.
SPOT Cinema, with 83 seats overall, regularly shows six films every day from 11 am to 10 pm. This is the locus where creativity converges and interacts. Our eclectic yet unique repertoire offers the audience a new visual experience rich in content and diverse in form, and an individual taste in film watching as well.



SPOT DESGINS comprises the original front room and checkroom of the embassy, as well as the former kitchen and dining room in the inner left-hand corner, whereas the outer space facing the garden used to serve as the reception room. Now transformed into a boutique shop of cultural and creative products, SPOT DESGINS showcases elite handcraft and original design brands of Taiwan. SPOT DESGINS also presents an eclectic music and video selection, handpicked by our staff in tune with the SPOT themes of film and living. A taste of simple and creative living, topped off with the enigmatic enchantment of cinema - SPOT DESGINS, that is.



The café was originally the reception room of the embassy, which faces the graceful and lush garden promenade and serves as the resting place for visiting guests.
It is now a café that accommodates 60 people. With its facade toward the garden and the surrounding shade under ancient trees, the café has not only mellow and aromatic coffee to offer, but also a space for deliberation, creation, and meditation.

多功能藝文廳 Multifunctional Salon (Conference Room) / 2F


It is the original parlor of the embassy and covers an area of 25 pings. The parlor was turned into a multifunctional venue, stocked with books on art and cinema at the service of visitors. The Multifunctional Salon can accommodate 60 and is mainly intended for non-profit activities of culture and public interest, such as speeches, book launch events, symposiums, press conferences, and tea parties. Also, in coordination with the films showing at Taipei Film House or film festivals organized by the Taiwan Film & Culture Association, the association holds symposiums for professionals from various territories to interact directly with the audience, so as to provide the audience with deeper insight into cinematography.

迴廊展覽館 Cloister Exhibition Hall / 2F


It comprises the former bedroom and storeroom of the embassy, and covers an area of 14 pings.
It was redesigned as a showroom of arts, in which creators of various forms of art can exhibit their works and exchange their vis-a-vis with the audience vis-à-vis; it is hoped that this enhanced interaction among artists, audience, and works of art can spur more creativity.



Originally the second-story bedroom of the Embassy, this VIP lounge offers nonpareil view of the lush garden. It was the place where the ambassadors had high tea with his family and guests; also a perfect resting space for a good
read or relaxation.
Now this area has been remodeled as a cinema salon in the minimalist style, serving light food and drinks. A perfect watering hole for the literati, the salon can accommodate 50 people.

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